CD 「ロード・エルメロイⅡ世の事件簿-魔眼蒐集列車 Grace note-」Original Soundtrack


メディア :コンパクトディスク(12cm)
ジャンル :アニメーション,OVA等 
発売日 2019/09/04 
JAN :4534530118899
組数 :2
発売会社 :アニプレックス
レーベル :アニプレックス
販売会社 :ソニー・ミュージックソリューションズ

通常価格:3,850円 税込

店頭価格:3,850円 税込

商品コード: SVWC-70438


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TVアニメ『ロード・エルメロイII世の事件簿 -魔眼蒐集列車 Grace note-』のサウンドトラック。オープニング・テーマ「starting the case: Rail Zeppelin」などを収録している。


(1)starting the case:Rail Zeppelin
(2)nervous talk
(3)an excellent student
(4)deep in thought
(5)the matter is settled,anyway
(6)well-disciplined classrooms
(7)it was naff
(8)someone pulling the strings
(9)talking about nothing
(10)chasing the enigma
(12)you were my king
(13)the clock tower
(14)a noisy student
(15)I’m so useless...
(16)I have found something
(17)a small happy ending
(18)he’s always serious,not kidding
(19)let us play a game
(20)waving goodbye
(21)an inspection of the scene
(22)a quiet and restless place
(1)we call him heartless
(2)searching for the solution
(3)an ominous premonition
(4)an anxious bird
(5)the culprit is you
(6)bossy people
(7)facing with the enemy
(8)now,ladies and gentlemen
(9)an evil design
(10)a mighty enemy appears
(11)the Rail Zeppelin
(12)they are magicians
(13)let the sadness knock my door
(14)the magic power
(15)out of control
(16)no time left to win
(17)deep in old grief
(18)depressed and tired
(19)the decision to keep going
(20)tender smile,gentle feeling
(21)closing the case



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